Of all the things we do to produce Peacock in the Park, the most daunting is writing the “thank yous”. LOL! There are so many darling people who make this happen and the very last thing we want to do is forget to thank them all. Whether you helped on Sunday, performed, donated, sponsored or just came to support, we thank you most sincerely for helping us keep the Legacy of Lady Elaine Peacock, her sister Misty Marie Waters and their Mother Audria M. Edwards alive by entertaining Portland, celebrating our community and raising money to promote continued education for LGBTQ students in Oregon and SW Washington.

Peacock Productions, Inc.
Board of Directors – Maria Peters Lake, Kimberlee Van Patten, Louanne Floding, Gina Valdez, Vesta Van Patten-Dunn, Maurice Hines and Susan Overcast.

Sponsorship Committee
Kevin Cook, Robert Goman, Maria Peters Lake, Kimberlee Van Patten

Graphic Designer
Kimberlee Van Patten, Susan Overcast

Official Photographers
Carlos Silvas and Jay DelaRosa

Webmaster & Multi-Media
Kimberlee Van Patten & Susan Overcast

Set Design & Construction
Kimberlee Van Patten, Jens Nelson, Bob Brue, Aaron Beiser, Joe Petrie, Louanne Floding (Babalou), Laurie Kash, Bill Westervelt, Dave Tedd, Anthony Ditto, Johnathan Council

Concessions & Souvenirs
Don Hood, Scott Seibert, Joanne Warden, Kim Chidester, Matthew Steiner, Babalou, Aaron Beiser, Maurice Hines, Angie Urmanec, Jessica Mendoza and Vesta Van Patten

Worker Bees
Laurie Kash, Babalou, Mitchell Underwood, Jonathan Council, Timothy Council, Athony Ditto and Jay Dela’ Rosa

Security Coordinator
Gina Valdez

VIP Hospitality
Susan Overcast, Kurt Beadell, Vibrant Table Catering

Volunteer & Money Honey Coordinator
Maurice Hines

Money Honeys
Marissa Zubrick, Oanh Truong, Erin Woolley, Gladys Torres-Enciso, Roberta Weth, Nora Utermark, Milton Simpson, Beau Chipman, Julie Lewis, Katie Wapniarski, Charles Petry, Paul Chiara, Marie Todd, Angelina Urmanec, Jessica Mendoza

Waste & Recycling
Vesta Van Patten- Dunn, T. Van Patten-Dunn and Dawn Gomez

Video Production
Ben Starkey, Josh Peargin, Derek Skeen, Daniela Trujillo, Chelsea Martin

Smart Tech Audio Visual – Clint Kaster, Brian Overall, Aaron Geiger, Steven Herrell, Scott MacLeod and Robrt Thomas

Trevor Scott

Mistresses of Ceremonies
Maria Peters Lake & Poison Marie Waters

Sign Language Coordinator
James Rae

The Entertainers

  • Imperial Sovereign Court of the Raintree Empire
  • Patti O’Dora
  • Darcelle XV and Co.
  • Bill Spencer
  • The Fish Market
  • Susan Overcast, Laurie Kash, Michael Thierhawke & Ty Van Helsing
  • The Glamazons
  • Cicely
  • Kitty Kari-All
  • Poison Waters
  • Sabel Scities
  • Jenuwine Beaute’
  • Chance DeValmont
  • Bolivia Carmichaels
  • Work Dance Company
  • Imperial Sovereign Rose Court

Assistants to Maria Peters Lake
Dee Johnson and Neeta McLean

Assistants to Poison Marie Waters
Jeff Jansen, Neeta McLean and Diva Simone Slaughter

Scholarship Review Committee

Louanne Floding (Babalou), Deb Johnston, Ty Vanhelsing, Maria Peters Lake and Kimberlee Van Patten, Vince Young, Matt Akerson and Casey Ipock


  • Imperial Sovereign Court of the Raintree Empire
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • The Ilse Jane Fund
  • BenRati Charitable Trust
  • Deb Johnston
  • Silverado
  • Fred Meyer
  • Conduent
  • Welcome PDX
  • Scandals
  • Pride Northwest
  • Morel Ink
  • Kate Janczyk Bowman & Bill Bowman
  • Jason Hyde & Arron Heriford
  • Darcelle XV & Co.
  • The Duniway
  • Vibrant Table
  • Balloons on Broadway
  • AMR – Scott Stafford
  • PQ Monthly

Additional Vendors

Morel Ink, Oregon Blueprint, Just Right Awards, Balloons on Broadway, Zippity News, Blue Star Shuttles, Honey Buckets, Starplex, Recology and Johnson RV.

Portland Parks & Recreation
Courtney Roberts, Cary Coker, Seth Menser, Victor Sanders and Jackie Hunter

Legal Counsel
Celia A. Barlow – Attorney at Law

Accountant & Tax Preparation
Cheryl Moir – Conver Day