Jude Stone will be studying at University of Oregon with LGBTQ+ Activism as the main focus.

Scholarship Amt.: $5,000

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Rylee Petersen is attending Central Oregon Community College studying Paramedic and Fire Fighter training.

Scholarship Amt.: $3,500

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Reuben Fellman will be studying Mycology at The University of Puget Sound next year with a minor in Art.

Scholarship Amt.: $3,000

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Destiny Kramer is studying at the University of Portland with a major in Nursing and a minor in Women’s Studies.

Scholarship Amt.: $2,500

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Carlos Moreno-Vega is studying Political Science and Spanish with an emphasis on Immigration at the University of Portland.

Scholarship Amt.: $1,500

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Michelle Harris will be studying Women Gender and Sexuality Study Program at Oregon State University.

Scholarship Amt.: $2,250

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Emmalina Motes is studying Computer Science at Lewis & Clark College.

Scholarship Amt.: $2,250

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Jaydon Aydelotte is a sophomore at Pacific NW College of Art studying Illustration.

Scholarship Amt.: $1,000

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