Peacock Productions, Inc. is dedicated to enhancing the lives of members and allies of the LGBTQ community by offering entertainment, providing scholarships and networking to celebrate diversity and build equality.  While we can’t be together during these difficult times, we still believe there is beauty all around us and we want to do our part to spread messages of encouragement, hope and love.  

Please submit your contact information below so we may send you a packet of postage-paid postcards.  You don’t have to leave your home.  You don’t have to buy anything.  There are no strings attached.  Simply fill out the form below, wait for your packet to arrive in the mail, fill out the postcards, address them to friends and family and drop them in your mailbox.  We hope your friends and family will then reach out to us to receive their own packet of postage-paid postcards and continue to spread messages of wonder and beauty.  

Until we can be together again, stay home, stay healthy, stay connected.