Sponsor Announcement

by Peacock Productions Inc.

  Peacock Productions, Inc. is proud to announce receipt of Rhinestone Level Sponsorship from the BenRati Charitable Trust (Tony Onorati and Brian Benamati) as well as Sequin Level Sponsorship from Alaska Airlines for Peacock in the Park 2016!!  Both BCT and Alaska have pledged their support and sent their contributions for this year’s event, setting […]

2014 & 2015 Shows Now Available in HD!

by Peacock Productions Inc.

Hey everyone, we finally got the Peacock in the Park 2014 and 2015 videos posted on Youtube. However, a number of the songs used are in dispute by Youtube for copyright reasons. We are working things out with Youtube and they have restored the videos while we get things sorted out. So, take a look […]

Creative Ways to Donate to the Audria M. Edwards Scholarship Fund

by Peacock Productions Inc.

A great example of three different ways people can donate to the Audria M Edwards Scholarship Fund (see the photo above). Vivica Vail Valentine created her own fundraiser by accepting donations and donating her own money for every middle finger photo posted to her facebook page. Rain Emperor XL Tarell dedicated funds raised during his […]