Peacock Productions, Inc. will be sponsoring a GALEXI dance party on the NEW Pride Plaza in Portland on the 27th of August. GALEXI music and Dancers will perform from 7pm to 8pm.  Then enjoy DJing by the Scientist until 10pm.  Polish up your cosmic Silver and join us.

GALEXI, cosmic synth pop duo, offers you a whole-body musical experience. Think Bjork meets Dead Can Dance. Or imagine the trip-hop sensibilities of Massive Attack set against the backdrop of Moorcheeba; this will give you a taste of what GALEXI has to offer.

GALEXI is the auditory co-creation of The Priestess, Jo Alexis and The Scientist, Alexander Johnson. Jo’s vocal stylings offer up raw character, even at her airiest and most unearthly. Her intonations are those of the High Priestess – riding the complex and electronically-instrumental textures of Alex’s High Science – together they create a musical tapestry that transports the mind while inspiring and delighting the senses.