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RE: Josh Taylor and Family

On December 7th, 2014 Mr. Josh Taylor (HIV+) and his young daughter were in a Head-On Car Collision on Hwy 14 in Washougal Washington by a driver going full speed. Mr Taylor has an open case against the party at fault. For reasons unknown certain tests at the hospital directly after the wreck were not done by the hospital staff that should have been done as routine for any patient involved in such a traumatic accident. Because of this there have been no insurance payouts to help Mr Taylor in his situation by either his insurance or the party at fault in the accident. Doctors and insurance companies are hiding behind this unfortunate lack of hospital testing on the day of the accident and unwilling to say what needs to be said for Mr. Taylor’s full needs to be met. An attorney has taken the case, but it is a long slow legal process.

Now, after all tests and images thus far completed, doctors have found that Mr. Taylor has a debilitating Traumatic Brain Injury that leaves him dizzy, nauseous, and unable to keep down food. He has lost and continues to lose a massive amount of weight. He survives on ensure and sometimes soup for his sustenance, and even these leave him very sick spending large quantities of his day in the bathroom. He battles 24 hr a day symptoms including diarrhea, vomiting, debilitating Head and Neck Pain, P.T.S.D, loss of time, short-term memory loss, cognitive disorders, and mental confusion. Also this injury has exacerbated his preexisting back condition.

This brings us to the Taylor Family Hardship. For the last 20+ years Mr. Taylor has fully supported his family, now totaling 8, as the financial head of household in the Flooring Sales/Design industry. Now he is unable to work due to the severity of the Injuries. He also purchased a 1906 home that he and his family moved into and began to remodel in Washougal WA (September of 2014). His career path was growing and he was on track for success. This tragedy brought that dream to an abrupt halt with the home in disrepair.

We are asking for help for this family of eight. We are in the process of trying to get them help in any way possible that would bring relief to their dire situation. They have applied for State and federal help and are receiving food stamps. They require help while going through the process of Disability Coverage and Social Security application waiting periods. We are trying desperately to keep a roof over their heads and keep the children safe and warm. This is difficult with : two car payments, Mortgage, Insurances, Utilities, Food, Toiletries, Animal supplies/food, Phone, Sewer, Gas, Water, Phone, Home, Etc.

With Mr. Taylor disabled, Mrs. Taylor is hoping to expand her Photography hobby into a full time Home-Based Company and Career now that her husband is unable to support them any longer. Mrs. Taylor has been a part-time stay-at-home portrait photographer for many years and has a promising future with her very own They just need to make one of their out buildings into a studio for her business if possible.

Upon Request R.O.I’s for medical records and confirming documentation can be provided as needed. We really appreciate your prayers and consideration for this truly needy family.

Best Regards,

Mr. Scott Tubbs
Personal Pastor / Advocate

Josh and Aimee Taylor 1207 B Street Washougal WA 98671

We are also hoping for Christmas help for the children ages 5-18. If there are any resources you can assist with, that would be FANTASTIC!